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Fig. 2

From: Idelalisib may have the potential to increase radiotherapy side effects

Fig. 2

Individual radiosensitivity testing of the patients lymphocytes under Idelalisib compared to different control groups. Three-color FISH painting of chromosomes 1 (red), 2 (green) and 4 (yellow). a A metaphase without aberrations, b a metaphase with one translocation and one acentric fragment and c a metaphase with one insertion and two acentric fragments are displayed. The aberrations were scored as 3 breaks per metaphase (B/M) and 5 (B/M). d Lymphocytes of a healthy individual were irradiated in vitro with 2 Gy and 10 nmol/l or 1 μmol/l Idelalisib and were compared to a control without Idelalisib treatment. e Lymphocytes were irradiated ex vivo with 2 Gy. B/M found in nonirradiated metaphases were subtracted from those scored in the irradiated samples. The patients individual radiosensitivity is compared to groups of healthy controls, cancer patients and radiosensitive patients

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