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Table 1 Grading criteria of pulmonary artery invasiona

From: Is pulmonary artery a dose-limiting organ at risk in non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with definitive radiotherapy?

Grade Definition based on CT contrast
Grade 0 (no invasion) No evidence of vessel invasion, ≥1 mm from the closest pulmonary vessel wall (presence of a fat plane between tumor and vessel wall)
Grade 1 (minimal invasion) Tumor invasion with 0 mm to the closest pulmonary vessel wall, no fat plane, without presence of narrowing or truncation of vessels, nor signs of vessel wall damage (irregularity, discontinuity or intra-luminal mass formation)
Grade 2 (moderate invasion) Circumferential involvement with narrowing or truncation
Grade 3 (extensive invasion) Tumor invading pulmonary vessel extensively with any sign of vessel wall damage: irregularity, discontinuity or intra-luminal mass formation or massive haemorrhage due to the tumor invading pulmonary artery
  1. aRevised from [12]