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Fig. 8

From: Radiomics based targeted radiotherapy planning (Rad-TRaP): a computational framework for prostate cancer treatment planning with MRI

Fig. 8

The treatment plans for EBRT shown on a single slice of T2w MRI, of a single patient - a \(\mathbb {P}^{\text {WH}}\), b \(\mathbb {P}^{\text {RF}}\) and c \(\mathbb {P}^{\text {WF}}\). The red region show the cancer lesions, cyan indicates the prostate capsule. The yellow, blue and magenta contours show the radiation intensity in decreasing orders of magnitude. \(\mathbb {P^{\text {RF}}}\) results in a significant reduction in dosage to extra-prostatic structures compared to \(\mathbb {P}^{\text {WH}}\), and \(\mathbb {P}^{\text {WF}}\) while only resulting in a marginal increase in overall dosage compared to the \(\mathbb {P}^{\text {WH}}\)

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