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Fig. 7

From: Radiomics based targeted radiotherapy planning (Rad-TRaP): a computational framework for prostate cancer treatment planning with MRI

Fig. 7

Different treatment plans for brachytherapy shown on a single slice of T2w MRI for 3 different patients (rows) - a \(\mathbb {P}^{\text {WH}}\), b \(\mathbb {P}^{\text {RF}}\), and c \(\mathbb {P}^{\text {WF}}\). Plans in \(\mathbb {P}^{\text {WH}}\) and \(\mathbb {P}^{\text {WF}}\) cover the entire prostate (blue contour) and have a larger dosage (maroon colored contour shows V 150) and number of needles (green circles) compared to \(\mathbb {P}^{\text {RF}}\) in which only the cancerous region (bright red contour within the prostate) is covered

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