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Table 7 Two-Way Analysis of Variance Model with Chemotherapy and Time since IMRT Completion as Main Effects (n = 44)

From: Long-term disease-specific and cognitive quality of life after intensity-modulated radiation therapy: a cross-sectional survey of nasopharyngeal carcinoma survivors

  Probability Values
Chemotherapy (3 groups) Time since IMRT (4 groups)
FACT-NP p = 0.40 p= 0.002
NPCS p = 0.11 p= 0.04
FACT-G p = 0.46 p= 0.002
FACT-Cog p = 0.43 p= 0.03
  1. For each QoL measure the main effects are: chemotherapy (none, concurrent only and concurrent plus adjuvant) and duration of time since IMRT as factor variables (cohorts 1–4). Significant p-values (p < 0.05) are in bold