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Table 3 Radiation doses delivered to lower (maxillary) and upper (mandibular) teeth using 3DRT and IMRT

From: IMRT delivers lower radiation doses to dental structures than 3DRT in head and neck cancer patients

Mean average Mean maximum Mean average Mean maximum
Maxillary teeth 35.66 (±24.75)aA 42.74 (±24.87)aA 31.95 (±15.51)aA 41.21 (±18.01)aA
Mandibular teeth 41.34 (±24.07)aA 48.42 (±24.36)aA 36.79 (±15.65)bB 45.94 (±17.43)bA
  1. Different lower case letters in columns mean statistically significant difference (p < 0.05) (t-test). In columns, compare 3DRT groups themselves and IMRT groups themselves
  2. Different upper case letters in rows mean statistically significant difference (p < 0.05) (One way ANOVA test). In rows, compare mean of the averages themselves and mean of the maximums themselves