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Table 1 Target description, PTV prescription and OARs for tumor sites and OARs

From: Capability of leaf interdigitation with different inverse planning strategies in Monaco: an investigation of representative tumour sites

  NPC-SIB MBM Cervical Prostate
Target description PTV70 = GTV + 5mm; PTV60 = HR + 5mm; PTV54 = LR + 5mm PTV = CTV + 7mm; 3 to 6 isolate targets PTV = ITV + 10mm PTV = CTV + 7mm
Prescription PTV70:70Gy to GTV and lymphadenopathy; PTV60:60Gy to HR; PTV54:54Gy to LR; 35 fractions 60Gy to PTV; 30 fractions 50Gy to PTV; 25 fractions 76Gy to PTV; 38 fractions
OARs Eyes; brainstem; lens; spinal cord; parotids; optic nerves; etc Eyes; brainstem; lens; parotids; optic nerves; etc Bladder; rectum; femurs head; small bowel; etc Bladder; rectum; femurs head; small bowel; etc
  1. Abbreviations: HR high risk lymphatic regions, LR low risk regions