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Table 2 Dose constraints according to the GORTEC group (the French group of radiation oncology for head and neck cancer). D2%: Near maximum absorbed dose

From: A Nomogram to predict parotid gland overdose in head and neck IMRT

Organ at risk Dose constraint
Spinal cord D2% < 45Gy
Brainstem D2% < 54Gy
Optic nerves D2% < 54Gy
Contralateral parotid Mean dose < 30Gy, median dose < 26Gy
Ipsilateral parotid Mean dose: as low as possible
Oral cavity Mean dose < 30Gy, V30 < 65 %, and V35 < 35 %
Lips D2% < 30Gy, mean dose < 20Gy