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Table 1 Patient characteristics of profiling cohort

From: Circulating miR-29a and miR-150 correlate with delivered dose during thoracic radiation therapy for non-small cell lung cancer

Patient Age/Gender Diagnosis Indication/Type of treatment Chemotherapy RT dose
2468 76/F IIIA SCC definitive KT 60.0 Gy
2510 61/F IIIA ADENO definitive EP 66.0 Gy
2526 60/M IIIA ADENO neoadjuvant EP 54.0 Gy
2534 60/F IIIA SCC definitive EP 66.0 Gy
2561 76/M IIIA ADENO definitive KT 66.0 Gy
  1. Abbreviations: SCC squamous cell carcinoma, ADENO adenocarcinoma, KT carboplatin/paclitaxel, EP, etoposide/cisplatin