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Fig. 1

From: Intensity modulated arc therapy implementation in a three phase adaptive 18F-FDG-PET voxel intensity-based planning strategy for head-and-neck cancer

Fig. 1

Radar charts of dose/volume levels comparing s-IMRT and IMAT plans summed on the pretreatment CT for a patient with a cT4a pN2 cM0 oropharynx cancer. The areas are formed by connecting the values belonging to one of the two treatment strategies. Abbreviations: s-IMRT = step-and-shoot IMRT; IMAT = intensity modulated arc therapy; GTVT = gross tumor volume of the primary tumor; GTVN = GTV of the metastatic lymph nodes; CTVHR = high risk clinical target volume; PTVHR = high risk planning target volume; CTVEN = elective neck CTV; PTVEN = elective neck PTV; PRV = planning organ-at-risk volume; SS = swallowing structures – includes superior pharyngeal constrictor, middle pharyngeal constrictor, inferior pharyngeal constrictor, upper esophageal sphincter, supraglottic larynx and upper 2 cm of the esophagus; PC = pharyngeal constrictors – includes superior pharyngeal constrictor, middle pharyngeal constrictor and inferior pharyngeal constrictor; Dx% = dose received by x% of the volume; V27Gy = % of the volume that receives at least 27 Gy

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