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Fig. 2

From: Short-course PET based simultaneous integrated boost for locally advanced cervical cancer

Fig. 2

a Axial and sagittal views of the FDG PET/CT scan for one patient (GTVtumour volume 66 cm3, MTV50 volume 31 cm3 and SUVmax 31). Target volumes PTVunion (blue), GTVtumour (pink) and MTV50 (green) and OARs bladder (yellow), rectum (light blue) and bowel (brown) outlined. b Axial and sagittal views of the obtianed dose distributions. Fractions 1–10 are shown for both VMAT and IMPT plans, comparing a standard homogenious plan (top) to the corresponding short-course SIB with additional 1.0 Gy per fraction to MTV50 (bottom)

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