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Table 1 Dose Volume Objectives (DVO)

From: Re-irradiating spinal column metastases using IMRT and VMAT with and without flattening filter - a treatment planning study

Organ Type DVO relative weight
PTV target uniform dose 24.0 Gy 7000
minimum dose 23.5 Gy 7000
maximum dose 24.5 Gy 7000
spinal canal organ at risk maximum dose 18.0 Gy 750
spinal cord organ at risk maximum dose 16.0 Gy 1000
normal tissue organ at risk maximum dose 24.5 Gy 5000
surrounding dose fall off from 24.0 to 4.8 Gy in 5.0 cm 5000
  1. Identical dose volume objectives (DVO) and weights were used for optimization of all plans