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Fig. 1

From: Optimal number of atlases and label fusion for automatic multi-atlas-based brachial plexus contouring in radiotherapy treatment planning

Fig. 1

Schematic illustration of the procedure for determining the optimal number of atlases and optimal label fusion. (1) Twelve cadaver CT datasets were included, and one atlas was selected as a patient. (2) The 11 remaining atlases were used for deformable image registration on the patient. (3) Label fusion was performed with 2 up to 11 atlases, once using STAPLE and once using Patch. (4) For each number of atlases, the average Dice similarity coefficient (DSC), Jaccard index (JI) and True positive rate (TPR) were calculated for the generated contour (orange) with the gold standard contour (green). This procedure was repeated for every atlas as a patient

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