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Table 1 Description of the notation used in the formulation of the DDI decision-support system

From: A dose-volume histogram based decision-support system for dosimetric comparison of radiotherapy treatment plans

Symbol Description
D p Prescription radiation dose on the PTV
D M Maximum dose in each structure delineated
D m Maximum dose received at least by 100 % of the PTV
N Number of OARs considered
PTV Planning target volume
OARV i Volume of the ith OAR considered
RVR Remaining volume at risk
V T (D) DVH curve of the PTV
V Oi (D) DVH curve of the ith OAR considered
V R (D) DVH curve of the RVR
w T Weight associated to I T
w O Weight associated to I O
w Oi Weight associated to the ith OAR considered
w R Weight associated to I R