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Table 1 Combinations of treatment planning systems, treatment devices and motion management options present within the institutions in which a site-visit has been performed. For some centres several combinations are possible according to their facility questionnaire and preferred combination will be known during the site visit

From: Lungtech, a phase II EORTC trial of SBRT for centrally located lung tumours – a clinical physics perspective

Treatment planning system Treatment device 4D option*
Accuray Multiplan Accuray Cyberknife Tracking (1)
Brainlab Iplan Varian Novalis Gating (1)
Varian Eclipse Varian Truebeam ITV (3)
Varian Eclipse Varian Clinac ITV (2)
Elekta Monaco Elekta Synergy ITV (1)
Accuray Tomotherapy Accuray Tomo HD ITV (1)
Philips Pinnacle Elekta Synergy ITV (1)
  1. * number of centres using this combination is given between brackets