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Table 1 The neurocognitive test battery administered at baseline and 4 months after the course of HS-WBRT

From: Hippocampal dosimetry correlates with the change in neurocognitive function after hippocampal sparing during whole brain radiotherapy: a prospective study

Neurocognitive Function Test Domain
 WMS-III Word Lists (immediate, delayed recall and recognition) Verbal memory
 WMS-III Visual Reproduction (immediate, delayed recall and recognition) Visual memory
 WAIS-III Digit Span Working memory
Processing speed
 WAIS-III Digit Symbol Psychomotor speed
 WAIS-III Symbol Search Tests Psychomotor speed
Executive Functions
 Wisconsin Card Sorting Test Cognitive flexibility
  1. Abbreviations: WMS wechsler memory scale, WAIS wechsler adult intelligence test