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Table 3 Average patient percent relative reduction in dose parameters with DIBH compared to FB for left-sided breast cancer patients by treatment cohort. Significant p-values after adjusting for multiple testing are indicated by a double asterisk (**)

From: Cardiac dose reduction with deep inspiration breath hold for left-sided breast cancer radiotherapy patients with and without regional nodal irradiation

Parameter WBRT B/CWRT + RNI p-value*
Dmean Heart 29.2 % 55.9 % 0.003**
Dmean LAD 43.5 % 72.1 % 0.014**
V20 Left Lung 8.9 % 6.6 % 0.305
  1. Wilcoxon sum-rank test used in for comparison of all variables*In this group, to achieve significance p-values must be < 0.0167 to account for multiple testing. **Indicates significance when compared to the Bonferroni adjusted criterion