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Fig. 1

From: A proliferation saturation index to predict radiation response and personalize radiotherapy fractionation

Fig. 1

Pretreatment proliferation saturation index (PSI) determines RT response. a Response for tumors with different initial PSIs to standard of care RT (2Gy x 30; q.d. 9 am, no weekend) calculated with Eqn. 1; λ=0.1, γ2Gy=0.25. Each curve shows the dynamics response during six weeks of therapy with different initial PSI. b Two patients with identical tumor volume but different PSI at treatment beginning (day 0) exhibit different reduction in tumor volume after standard of care RT (2Gy x 30; q.d. 9 am, no weekend). Calculated with Eqn. 1; λ=0.1, γ2Gy=0.25

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