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Table 1 Ions used at SNAKE

From: Live cell imaging at the Munich ion microbeam SNAKE – a status report

Initial ion energy Ion energy at cell layer* LET at cell layer Dose per 1 ion traversal**
20 MeV p+ 19.9 MeV 2.6 keV/μm 0.0022 Gy
55 MeV Carbon 42.9 MeV 368 keV/μm 0.30 Gy
100 MeV Oxygen 83.9 MeV 473 keV/μm 0.39 Gy
  1. *Ion energy in live cell imaging setup, where cells are covered by 20 μm medium, calculated with TRIM/SRIM.
  2. **Dose per nucleus was calculated assuming cylindrical nuclei of 200 μm2 area and 7 μm height.