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Table 3 Distribution of prostate cancer T stage before and after mpMRI of the prostate

From: Guidance of treatment decisions in risk-adapted primary radiotherapy for prostate cancer using multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging: a single center experience

  Initial clinical staging Relative upstaging by mpMRI Relative downstaging by mpMRI mpMRI staging
T1–T2a ((very) low-risk) 53 (43.4%) 67.9% n.a. 31 (19.4%)
T2b-c (intermediate-risk) 44 (36.1%) 36.4% 13.6% 49 (40.6%)
T3a-b ((very) high-risk) 25 (20.5%) 2.5% 36% 46 (37.7%)
  1. T stage for the patients (n = 122) was attributed to specific risk groups according to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network prostate cancer guidelines. Initial clinical staging included digital rectal examination, ultrasound-guided transrectal biopsy as well as an abdominal and pelvic contrast-enhanced CT scan.