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Table 2 Information portal

From: Visualization of data in radiotherapy using web services for optimization of workflow

Data area Data source Description
Intranet Radiotherapy General information portal with diverse links to department specific information
MOSAIQ Radiotherapy Information portal for all relevant data from our departmental system
MiraPlus HIS Portal to retrieve laboratory, pathology and radiology findings, including X-ray images
MEDATEC Radiotherapy Retrieval portal for all radiotherapy physicians’ letters since 1990
StK-Controlling Radiotherapy Retrieval of administrative and controlling data such as bed occupancy, case-mix, case data, linac workload, numbers of different, in particular special, therapy modes (Stereotaxy,HDR,LDR,IORT,IMRT,VMAT)
PDV-FR HIS Demographic patient data, case data, diagnosis and therapy (including appropriate ICD and OPS codes) of the HIS system
Request portal Radiotherapy Reading in of image data for treatment planning, support requests for IT (hardware, software problems, general user assistance for all IT and workflow question) etc.
Miscellaneous HIS/Radiotherapy Ward occupancy list with links to departmental system and ddepartment-controlling