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Table 1 Selection criteria

From: Visualization of data in radiotherapy using web services for optimization of workflow

Criterion Description
Platform-independent The created programs have to be available to all popular platforms such as Linux, Windows and OSX
Parameterization Hereby modification to programs shall be simplified and fast response to desired modification can be attained, whilst simultaneously reducing susceptibility to errors
Standards Thus one achieves protection of the investment, good availability of the programs and transparency
Modularity Construction of a toolbox und conformity of programming in modular form through specification of standards
Operational safety Central webserver: Linux or Windows
User-friendliness Achieved through implementation of standards and use of established structure design
Minimal training effort Increased acceptance and performance, cost reduction
Effectivity Functionality shall support and accelerate procedures
Transparency Clearly understood functions for the user
Simplicity Only functions which are regularly used
User-requirements Simple and fast data access, group based permissions and templates