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Table 1 RTOG Consensus CTV Guidelines

From: Proposal of a post-prostatectomy clinical target volume based on pre-operative MRI: volumetric and dosimetric comparison to the RTOG guidelines

Location Anatomical border
  Below superior edge of pubic symphysis Above superior edge of pubic symphysis
Anterior Posterior edge of pubic bone Posterior 1-2 cm of bladder wall
Posterior Anterior rectal wall (may need to be concave around lateral aspects) Mesorectal fascia
Lateral Levator ani muscles, obturator internus Sacrorectogenitopubic fascia (if concern about extraprostatic disease at base may extend to obturator internus)
Inferior 8-12 mm below vesicourethral anastomosis (may include more if concern for apical margin. Can extend to slice above penile bulb if vesicourethral anastomosis not well visualized) N/A
Superior N/A Level of cut end of vas deferens or 3-4 cm above top of symphysis (Vas may retract postoperatively; include seminal vesicle remnants if pathologically involved)