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Table 4 Multivariate analysis of volumetric parameter cut-off values compared to survival outcomes

From: The effect of tumor volume and its change on survival in stage III non-small cell lung cancer treated with definitive concurrent chemoradiotherapy

HR (95% CI) p HR (95% CI) p HR (95% CI) p
Sex (Male vs. Female)   NS   NS   NS
Histology (SqCC vs. Others)   NS 1.455 (0.983–2.155) 0.061   NS
T stage (T1-T2 vs. T3-T4)   NS   NS   NS
N stage (N0-N2 vs. N3)   NS   NS   NS
Stage (IIIA vs. IIIB)   NS   NS   NS
GTVpre (≤ 50 cm3 vs. > 50 cm3) 2.926 (1.495–5.726) 0.002 2.001 (1.159–3.454) 0.013 2.763 (1.552–4.919) 0.001
GTVpost (≤ 20 cm3 vs. > 20 cm3)   NS 1.467 (0.947–2.273) 0.086   NS
VRR (≤ 50% vs. > 50%)   NS   NS 1.895 (0.937–3.832) 0.075
  1. Abbreviations: CI Confidence interval, GTV pre Initial gross tumor volume CT, GTV post follow-up gross tumor volume, HR Hazard ratio, LRPFS Locoregional progression-free survival rate, NS No significance, OS Overall survival rate, PFS Progression-free survival rate, SqCC Squamous cell carcinoma, VRR Reduction ratio of gross tumor volume.