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Figure 2

From: Effect of combined irradiation and EGFR/Erb-B inhibition with BIBW 2992 on proliferation and tumour cure in cell lines and xenografts

Figure 2

Effect on tumour growth time. Time to reach 2-fold or 5-fold the starting volume for A7, A431, FaDu, UT-SCC-14 and UT-SCC-15 xenografts receiving either carrier () or BIBW 2992 () or the combined treatment of 15f/15d + carrier (closed circle symbol) or 15f/15d + BIBW 2992 (closed diamond symbol). Symbols represent median and bars 95% confidence intervals. p-value in comparison to control groups *significant difference (comparison between BIBW 2992 vs. carrier or combined IR + BIBW 2992 vs. IR + carrier).

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