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Table 4 Multiple logistic regression analysis for grade ≥ 2 RP (N = 100)

From: Pre-radiotherapy FDG PET predicts radiation pneumonitis in lung cancer

Predictor Coefficient SE Odds ratio (95% CI) p-value
Intercept -6.1 1.7   
SUV95a 0.40 0.13 1.5 (1.1-1.9) <0.0027
Ageb 0.79 0.26 2.2 (1.3-3.7) <0.0026
V30 0.09 0.034 1.1 (1–1.2) <0.007
  1. aScaled by 10.
  2. bStandardized age was used with origin corresponding to the mean of 64.
  3. Note: SE = standard error of the estimated coefficient parameter; CI = confidence interval for the odds ratio; Stepwise backward model selection based on Akaike information criterion was used; Symptomatic radiation pneumonitis was conditionally independent of tumor location, stage, histology, smoking status, MLD, and RT modality in the presence of SUV95, V30, and age; p-values derived from two-sided hypothesis tests using Wald chi-square; significant partial effects suggest that the odds of symptomatic radiation pneumonitis increased with SUV95, V30, and age; Nagelkerke coefficient of multiple determination R2 = 0.32.