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Table 2 Test of the applied second cancer model by comparison of modeled and observed relative breast cancer risk

From: Radiation-induced second malignancies after involved-node radiotherapy with deep-inspiration breath-hold technique for early stage Hodgkin Lymphoma: a dosimetric study

Planning paradigm Used treament plans Weighting according to # treated patients Calculated relative risk (this work) Observed relative risk from De Bruin et al. [[24]]
Mediastinal Mediastinal 109 1 1
Mantle Mantle field alone 637 2.2 2.7 (1.1-6.9)
Other Supradiaphragmatic Supraclavicular/neck 34   
  Axillary + Mediastinal/homolat 41   
  Axillary + Mediastinal/bilat 7   
  Axillary, no Media. 14   
  Total 96 1.0 0.9 (0.2-4.8)
  1. Modeling was performed with a total dose of 40 Gy delivered in 2 Gy fractions.