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Table 6 EORTC quality of life questionnaire (QLQ-C30) at timepoint of evaluation [Mean 3.2 (SD: 2.8) years after end of radiotherapy]

From: Toxicity and quality of life after choline-PET/CT directed salvage lymph node dissection and adjuvant radiotherapy in nodal recurrent prostate cancer

QLQ-C30 functional scores Value (mean/± SD/median)
Physical functioning (PF2 –score) 87.1/14.9/93.3
Role functioning (RF2-score) 87.3/21.3/100.0
Emotional functioning (EF-score) 76.5/24.6/91.7
Cognitive functioning (CF-score) 82.8/27.2/100.0
Social functioning (SF-score) 77.0/26.6/83.3
QLQ-C30 symptom scores Value (mean/± SD/median)
Fatigue (FA-score) 21.6/23.8/16.7
Nausea/Vomiting (NV-score) 2.0/5.5/0.0
Pain (PA-score) 12.7/25.4/0.0
Dyspnea (DY-score) 17.2/25.2/0.0
Insomnia (SL-score) 18.6/28.7/0.0
Appetite loss (AP-score) 3.9/10.9/0.0
Constipation (CP-score) 8.8/20.9/0.0
Diarrhea (DI-score) 14.7/22.0/0.0
Financial difficulties (FI-score) 9.8/25.3/0.0
Quality of life Value (mean/± SD/median)
QoL-score 74.0/19.7 / 83.3