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Figure 1

From: A multi-institution evaluation of MLC log files and performance in IMRT delivery

Figure 1

Box plot of individual leaf RMS error values and 95thpercentile values by treatment type. (A-C) Leaf RMS error results plotted by institution for step & shoot, dynamic, and VMAT modalities respectively. (D-F) 95th percentile errors plotted by institution for step & shoot, dynamic and VMAT modalities respectively. Results are plotted as normal boxplots with the top and bottom of the rectangle representing the 75th (q3) and 25th (q1) percentile values respectively and the median as the line within the box. The upper whisker corresponds to q3 + 1.5*(q3 – q1) and lower whisker to q1 – 1.5*(q3 – q1) or to the nearest data point thereof. Values above or below the respective whiskers are plotted as outliers.

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