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Table 5 Requirements for respiratory gating

From: Making the right software choice for clinically used equipment in radiation oncology

Requirements for accuracy
Minimal Enhanced Optimal
Planning system supports 4D-CT data sets IMRT technique used can be applied in gated mode Automatic propagation of the structures between the different phases
Planning system supports the localizer used Patient verification can be done with respiratory gating (CBCT) Patient verification can be done with 4D-CBCT
Planning system supports amplitude gating and phase gating   Registration of 4D planning-CT with 4D-CBCT is possible
Register of diagnostic data sets to the 4D data set is possible   
Planning system can create an ITV out of GTV’s contoured in different phases   
Structure copy from one to another phase is possible   
Patient verification can be done with respiratory gating (2D planar radiographics)   
Data transfer of the chosen gating window possible between CT, planning system and treatment system