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Figure 1

From: Stereotactic body radiotherapy with or without external beam radiation as treatment for organ confined high-risk prostate carcinoma: a six year study

Figure 1

Biochemical disease-free survival in high-risk patients. A. Biochemical DFS stratified by high-risk (as defined by NCCN) and int-high (patients with 2 or more intermediate risk features; please refer to text) groups. There is no significant difference on log-rank analysis (P = 0.95). B. Biochemical DFS of high-risk and int-high-risk patients combined. C. Biochemical DFS stratified by use of EBRT followed by SBRT, versus SBRT alone (P = 0.86) D. Biochemical DFS stratified by use of ADT versus no ADT (P = 0.34).

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