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Figure 4

From: Reduced contribution of thermally labile sugar lesions to DNA double strand break formation after exposure to heavy ions

Figure 4

DSB repair kinetics of human M059K cells exposed to58Fe ions or X-rays. (A)Exponentially growing M059K cells were exposed to 20 Gy of X-raysor 58Fe ions and returned to standard incubation conditionsfor repair. Agarose blocks were prepared and lysed by HTL (A) orLTL (B) before processing by PFGE. Plotted is relative repair asa function of repair time. To calculate relative repair, FDR atdifferent time points was divided by the FDR measured at the 0 htime point (this value was obtained from the dose response curve). Datarepresent the calculated average and standard deviation from 4determinations in one experiment.

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