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Figure 3

From: Magnetic resonance spectroscopic study of radiogenic changes after radiosurgery of cerebral arteriovenous malformations with implications for the differential diagnosis of radionecrosis

Figure 3

Same patient as Figure 1. MR spectroscopy (TE 140 ms) in first post-treatment examination. a: Display of 2D-SI grid (red) over FOV of 160 mm, PRESS-localized VOI of 100 mm (green frame), spectra selection grid (yellow) on T2-weighted MRI (top), and of 34 selected 2D-SI spectra (below) from the lesion area arranged in a pattern corresponding to the yellow grid. b: SV-spectrum from a 9 mL-VOI (red frame in Figure 2c,d) in AVM lesion shows strongly reduced Cr, barely visible NAA, and a high lipid peak. c: 2D-SI spectrum from healthy tissue contralateral (blue-framed grid element in a) to the AVM.

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