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Table 1 MR- and CT-related parameters for tissue from literature

From: MRI-based treatment plan simulation and adaptation for ion radiotherapy using a classification-based approach

Tissue Relative electron T1 [ms] T2 [ms]
  density ρe   
subcutaneous fat 0.951a 371d 133d
skeleton - yellow marrow 0.982a 365d 133d
brain - white matter 1.035a 1084c 69c
brain - gray matter 1.035a 1820c 99c
muscle 1.040a 1412c - 1420d 32d - 50c
kidney 1.041a 1194c 56c
blood 1.050a 1932c 275c
liver 1.050a 812c 42c
skeleton - cartilage 1.083a 1156c - 1240d 27c - 43c
skeleton - cortical bone 1.781a 140b - 260b 0.42b - 0.50b
  1. a[18], b[19], c[20], d[21]. All measurements were performed in vivo at 3T, values for cortical bone were measured at 1.5T and represent the relaxation time T2 *.