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Table 2 Multiple regression analysis

From: Retrospective feasibility study of simultaneous integrated boost in cervical cancer using tomotherapy: the impact of organ motion and tumor regression

CTV under-dosage p-value
Rectum moved anteriorly 0.029
Rectum reduced in volume 0.01
Reduction in the Dice’s coefficient 0.005
Bowel doses increase p-value
Bladder moved anteriorly 0.01
Bladder reduced in volume 0.0046
Rectal doses increase p-value
Rectal volume increased 0.0026
CTV-SIB moved anteriorly 0.00001
Bladder doses increase p-value
Bladder moved posteriorly 0.01
CTV-SIB reduced in volume 0.01
  1. Independent factors contributing to the clinical target volume - simultaneous integrated boost (CTV-SIB) under-dosage and organs at risk (OAR) over-dosage.