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Table 2 Relationship between MLD and early lung toxicity in 3D-CRT for BC in world literature

From: Meta-analysis of incidence of early lung toxicity in 3-dimensional conformal irradiation of breast carcinomas

Author, Year of data collection Country n RP endpoint Test type, p value
Perh Lind et al. 1994 1998 [17] Sweden 475 Clinical RP CTC-NCIC Gamma statistics G = 0.669 <0.001
Zsusana Kahan et al. 2001–2004 [31] Hungary 119 Radiological RP – CTC 2.0 Student’s t-test (RP + vs RP-) 0.003
Javier Jaen et al. 2002 [44] Spain 39 Change in perfused volume (%) Correlation coefficient, r = −0.447 0.013
  1. RP radiation pneumonitis, n number of patients, CTC/CTC-NCIC common toxicity criteria, RT radiotherapy, MLD mean lung dose.