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Table 2 Summary of the statistical parameters of the gEUD variations with D2cc and EUD criteria

From: Equivalence of Gyn GEC-ESTRO guidelines for image guided cervical brachytherapy with EUD-based dose prescription

Statistical measure Dose (Gy) GGE strategy Dose (Gy) CV strategy
Bladder D2cc/gEUD constraint (planning) 6.00 5.19
Bladder Wall gEUD/D2cc   
  Mean 5.19/6.00 5.19/6.25
  SD 1.25/0.00 0.00/1.01
Bladder D0.1 cc   
  Mean   9.97
  SD   0.85
Bladder D1cc   
  Mean   7.21
  SD   0.98
Rectum D2cc/gEUD constraint (planning) 4.00 3.55
Rectum Wall gEUD/D2cc   
  Mean 3.67/4.00 3.55/3.96
  SD 0.53/0.00 0.00/0.49
Rectum D0.1 cc   
  Mean   5.80
  SD   0.29
Rectum D1cc   
  Mean   4.46
  SD   0.44
  1. Abbreviations: SD standard deviation.