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Table 1 Parameters for plan evaluation

From: Quality assurance of radiotherapy in the ongoing EORTC 22042–26042 trial for atypical and malignant meningioma: results from the dummy runs and prospective individual case Reviews

PARAMETER Recommended Minor Deviation† Major Deviation†
Parameters for tumor control
Dose Prescription WHO grade II Simpson 1–3: 60 Gy - >60 Gy or <60 Gy
WHO grade III or Simpson 4–5: 70 Gy - <70 Gy or >70 Gy
Dose Conformity PTV D95% ≥ 95% of the prescribed dose PTV D95% = 90 – 94% of the prescribed dose PTV D95% < 90% of the prescribed dose
Target Volume Delineation PTV covers all CTV and GTV - GTV and CTV outside the PTV*
CTV covers all GTV - GTV outside the CTV
GTV to CTV margin 10 mm 11-15 mm >15 mm
Parameters for normal tissue toxicity
PTV D2% (Gy) <107% of the prescribed dose 107-110% of the prescribed dose >110% of the prescribed dose
Brainstem D2% or D0.5cc (surface) <64 Gy 64-65 Gy >65 Gy
Brainstem D2% or D0.5cc (center) <54 Gy 54–55 Gy >55 Gy
Optic Chiasm/Nerve D2% <60 Gy 60-61 Gy >61 Gy
Cochlea D2% <50 Gy 50-51 Gy >51 Gy
  1. * PTV for dose evaluation may be restricted to 5 mm below the patient outer contour.Cases with both major and minor deviations were considered as with major deviation in overall analyses.
  2. Abbreviations: PTV, Planning Treatment Volume; CTV, Clinical Target Volume; GTV, Gross Tumor Volume; D95%, D2%, Dose received by 95 and 2 percent of the volume, respectively; D0.5cc, Dose received by 0.5 cc of the volume.