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Table 1 The planning objectives in both RapidArc and IMRT plans for NPC

From: Advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma radiotherapy with volumetric modulated arcs and the potential role of flattening filter-free beams

Structures Planning objectives
PTV70 V70 ≥ 95%,D1% ≤ 77Gy
PTV66 V66 ≥ 95%
PTV60 V60 ≥ 95 %
Brain stem D1% < 60Gy
Spinal cord D1% < 45Gy
Optic nerves D1% < 50Gy
Lens D1% < 10Gy
Larynx Dmean < 40Gy
Oral cavity Dmean < 40Gy
Parotid glands Dmean < 40Gy
Normal tissue as low as possible
  1. Abbreviations: PTV70 = planning target volume of the primary nasopharyngeal tumor; PTV66 = planning target volume of involved regional lymph nodes; PTV60 = planning target volume receiving 60 Gy; V D  = the percentage volume of the PTV at the prescribed dose and D was the prescribed dose; D 1%  = dose received by 1% of the volume.