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Table 1 Structures, DVH parameters, and equations used in parameter calculations

From: Brachytherapy-emulating robotic radiosurgery in patients with cervical carcinoma

Structure Parameters
PTV Volume of the PTV (VPTV, cc), mean dose (Dmean, Gy), minimal dose covering the PTV (Dmin), the coverage (%), Conformity Index (CI), Conformity Number (CN) [11, 12].
Bladder wall Volume (Vol., cc), D1cc and D2 cc (Gy)
Rectal/sigmoidal wall Vol. (cc), mean dose (Gy), D1cc, D2cc as recommended by the GEC ESTRO Group [1, 2], Conformal Index (COIN) and the volume covered by the prescribed dose (Vref, Gy) [13]
Small bowel Mean dose from CyberKnife (Dmean, Gy)
Conformal index (COIN) COIN = CN * ∏ (1 - VORref, i/VOR, i)
CN) = 1/nCI;
Conformity index (nCI) nCI = (Vref * PTV)/PTVref^2