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Table 3 Selection of selective nodal clinical target volume (CTV)

From: Selective use of postoperative neck radiotherapy in oral cavity and oropharynx cancer: a prospective clinical study

  Nodal CTV0 Nodal CTV1 Nodal CTV2
Subclinical disease risk <10% 10%-25% >25%
Prescribed radiation dose <35 Gy (a) 50 Gy 66-70 Gy
Levels dissected Negative level with sufficient dissection Negative and/or positive level without risk factors with insufficient dissection Positive level with risk factors
Positive level without risk factors Adjacent negative level to nodal CTV2 (ECS and/or pN3)
Levels not dissected - Ipsilateral: Non-dissected level adjacent to infiltrated dissected level -
  - Contralateral: Levels with risk factors -
  1. (a) Referred to mean dose < 35 Gy.
  2. Abbreviations: ECS = Extracapsular spread; pN = pathological nodal stage.