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Table 2 Paddick conformity index (CI) of the PTV (0 mm safety margins) 1) in the treatment plan (plan), 2) in the scenario of radiosurgery without image-guidance (No IG), 3) in the scenario of radiosurgery after image-guided correction of translational errors only and not rotations (IG trans) and 4) simulating errors observed immediately following image-guided radiosurgery (Post IG-RS)

From: Dosimetric consequences of translational and rotational errors in frame-less image-guided radiosurgery

  Plan No IG IG trans Post IG-SRS
Absolute values 0.73 ±0.11 0.43 ±0.18 0.73 ±0.11 0.70 ±0.11
Values rel. to RT plan 1 ±0 0.60 ±0.25 0.99 ±0.03 0.97 ±0.06
  1. Absolute values and values relative to the corresponding treatment plans are summarized (average ± standard deviation).