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Table 7 ASTRO APBI consensus statement categories and classification criteria

From: Comparison of accelerated partial breast irradiation via multicatheter interstitial brachytherapy versus whole breast radiation

Criteria Suitable Cautionary Unsuitable
Age ≥ 60 50-59 < 50
Tumor Size ≤ 2 cm 2-3 cm > 3 cm
T Stage T1 Tis and T2 T3-T4
Nodal biopsy Yes - No
Margins Negative (≥ 2 mm) Close (< 2 mm) Positive
Histology Invasive ductal or other favorable subtypes Invasive Lobular -
Pure DCIS No ≤ 3 cm > 3 cm
ER Receptor Positive Negative -
LVSI* No Limited/Focal Extensive
EIC* No ≤ 3 cm > 3 cm
  1. * Presence of LVSI and EIC were considered cautionary in this study. Multicentricity, multifocality, neoadjuvant chemo/endocrine therapy, and known BRCA1/2 mutations were not present in any patients in this study. Pathologic nodal stage was pN0 for all patients who underwent axillary assessment