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Table 4 Example of very early visual acuity improvement during fractionated stereotactic radiation therapy course

From: Fractionated stereotactic radiation therapy improves cranial neuropathies in patients with skull base meningiomas: a retrospective cohort study

Date Visit reason Time from start of RT (months) Visual acuity left eye Humphrey visual field (MSD/PD*) left eye
2/21/2006 Initial Consult -- 20/200+ −26.52/6.96
4/7/2006 On treatment (27 Gy) 0.6 20/100  
4/12/2006 On treatment (32.4 Gy) 0.8 20/50  
6/1/2006 Follow-up 2.4 20/30 −7.51/7.25
2/8/2007 Follow-up 11 20/25 −5.21/4.81
2/14/2008 Follow-up 23 20/25  
11/18/2009 Follow-up 44 20/25 −5.76/7.60
  1. *Mean standard deviation/Percent deviation.
  2. Patient M.R. initially presented with left visual field deficits and decreased visual acuity in 1996 and underwent a subtotal resection of a left cavernous sinus meningioma with improvement. He had symptomatic worsening in 2005, and a radiographic evidence of progression in January 2006. He received FSRT from 3/20/2006 to 4/27/2006 reporting subjective improvement in vision in the third week of fractionated stereotactic radiation therapy, confirmed objectively on physical examination by Snellen chart using a near card. Objective improvement was also confirmed on Humphrey visual field testing. His vision remained excellent through last follow-up.