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Table 4 Downregulated networks with score ≥8 are presented

From: Exposure to ionizing radiation induced persistent gene expression changes in mouse mammary gland

ID Molecules in Network Score Focus Molecules Top Functions
1 AGTR1, ARHGAP17, BAMBI, BARD1, BCL9, BRCA1, BRCC3, BRE, CELSR2, FURIN, GLP2R, Gp49a/Lilrb4, HNRNPF, Hsd3b4 (includes others), IFIT2, IL12 (complex), ITGB1, JUN, mir-31, Ms4a4b (includes others), MYD88, NAB2, NR3C1, PLCG1, PLXNB1, PRKCB, RPS3A, RRAD, SEMA4D, SERPINB5, ST6GAL1, Talin, TGFB1, TIAM1, TRAF3 26 16 Cell Morphology, Cellular Growth and Proliferation, Hematological System Development and Function
2 ACPP, ACTG1, Actin, ADCY7, AKAP12, Akt, CAMK2B, DEFA1 (includes others), DGAT1, DHCR7, ERK1/2, EZR, FSH, GPRC5A, GRIN1, HSD17B1, KIT, LAT2, Lh, LYN, MAP2, MAP2K2, MME, MS4A2, Myosin, p85 (pik3r), PIK3AP1, PRKAR2B, PRKCB, SC4MOL, SH3BP2, SLC6A3, TDGF1, TYRO3, UNC119 24 15 Cellular Compromise, Inflammatory Response, Cell Signaling
3 AHR, B4GALNT1, BAZ1A, C1orf38, C5AR1, CD1D, ELF1, GHRH, HDAC1, HIPK2, IFNA1/IFNA13, IFNG,IL4, INSM2, Lyz1/Lyz2, MAFB, MMP11, MTA3, NEUROD1, Nuclear factor 1, OAS1, OAS2, PCSK1, PCSK2, PPP4C, PPP5C, RB1, Rb, Runx1, SIN3B, SLC17A2, TFCP2, TNFSF11, TP53, TYMS 24 15 Tissue Morphology, Cancer, Gene Expression
4 ACSL1, ADAM17, APOBEC3B, CASP7, CHSY3, CLMN, FDFT1, FDPS, HLA-C, HMGCR, HSF1, HSPA1A/HSPA1B, IDI1, Klra4 (includes others), LSS, NR1H3, PPP1R15A, RAI14, RALGPS2, RBL1, RPS6, SCNN1A, SCNN1B, SCNN1G, SQLE, SREBF2, SYMPK, TNF, TP73, TSC2, WSB1, WT1, YWHAG, YY1, ZNF267 18 12 Lipid Metabolism, Small Molecule Biochemistry, Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism
  1. Highlighted genes are from the microarray dataset.