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Table 2 Few pathways were downregulated and fewer were involved in cellular proliferation

From: Exposure to ionizing radiation induced persistent gene expression changes in mouse mammary gland

Ingenuity Canonical Pathways -log(p-value) Molecules
Fcγ receptor-mediated phagocytosis in macrophages and monocytes 2.44 EZR, LYN, ACTG1, PRKCB
G-Protein coupled receptor signaling 1.92 PRLHR, GPR173, PTGIR, GPRC5A, GLP2R, FZD3, GPR113, ADCY7, CELSR2, PRKCB
Factors promoting cardiogenesis in vertebrates 1.64 FZD3, TDGF1, PRKCB
Natural killer cell signaling 1.60 SH3BP2, Klra4 (includes others), PRKCB
Mechanisms of viral exit from host cells 1.55 ACTG1, PRKCB
Leukocyte extravasation signaling 1.45 EZR, MMP11, ACTG1, PRKCB
p70S6K signaling 1.32 LYN, RPS6, PRKCB