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Figure 4 | Radiation Oncology

Figure 4

From: Exposure to ionizing radiation induced persistent gene expression changes in mouse mammary gland

Figure 4

IPA identified two top signaling networks with genes involved in carcinogenesis. A) The first network is cellular growth and development network with NFkB as the nodal molecule. At least 12 (ACHE, HSPA1L, MYOD1, NES, NOL3, P2RY2, PGK1, PLCG1, PPARGC1A, PRKCQ, S100B, and SNTA1) genes from this upregulated network are associated with initiation and progression of human cancer. B) The second network is genetic disorder, neurological disease, skeletal and muscular disorders and at least 4 upregulated genes (ALDOA, GNAO1, SLC16A3, and TPI1) are known to be involved in cancer.

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