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Table 2 Terminology of regional lymph node in esophageal carcinoma by JSED

From: Three-dimensional conformal radiation for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma with involved-field irradiation may deliver considerable doses of incidental nodal irradiation

Numbering Cervical and mediastinal lymph nodes Numbering Abdominal lymph nodes
101 Cervical paraesophageal 1 Right cardial
104 Supraclavicular 2 Left cardial
105 Upper thoracic paraesophageal 3 Lesser curvature
106rec-L Left recurrent nerve 7 Left gastric artery
106rec-R Right recurrent nerve 8 Common hepatic artery
106pre Pretracheal   
106tb-L Left tracheobronchial   
106tb-R Right tracheobronchial   
107 Subcarinal   
108 Middle thoracic paraesophageal   
109 Main bronchus lymph nodes   
110 Lower thoracic paraesophageal   
111 Supradiaphragmatic   
112ao Thoracic paraaortic   
112pul Pulmonary ligament   
113 Ligamentum arteriosum   
114 Anterior mediastinal   
  1. JSED: Japanese Society for Esophageal Diseases.