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Table 3 Staff and departmental requirements

From: Management of radiation oncology patients with a pacemaker or ICD: A new comprehensive practical guideline in The Netherlands

  Low risk Medium risk High risk
Department - resuscitation protocol - see low risk+ - see medium risk+
- good consultancy agreement with cardiology / electrophysiology dept. - Crash cart including ECG monitor and defibrillator (or AED) available at treatment unit - ECG monitoring at every fraction
-external pacemaker available
Staff - Radiation oncologist and clinical - see low risk+ - see medium risk+
physicist available with sufficient - cardiologist/pacemaker  
knowledge in the management of patients with a CIED. technician should be available within 10 minutes - trained staff examines ECG
- Radiation therapy technologists should receive training so they can manage complications experienced by the CIED patient having radiation treatment if needed - pacemaker technologist to check CIED weekly - pacemaker technologist checks CIED after every fraction