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Table 2 Overview of miRNAs with significantly different levels of expression in rectal tumors of responders and non-responders to neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy

From: MicroRNA expression profile associated with response to neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced rectal cancer patients

MiRNAs R NR Fold change (NR vs R) P-value Putative targets†#
miR-450b-5p U D 0.07 0.0003 RANBP9, SLC19A2, XIAP, RGMB, SMAD2, SERPINA5, SOX2, TCF5, TIMP2, TGFBR2
let-7e U D 0.48 0.0075 NRAS#, KRAS#, SOCS1#, HMGA2#, ABCC5, HOXD1, MASP1, ERCC6, IGF1
miR-450a U D 0.16 0,0104 MAP3K2, RAB31, TOPBP1, CREB1, DNMT3A, EGFR, ERCC5
miR-99a* U D 0,21 0,0163 RAD51C, RAD9B, TIAM1, TMEM87a, TMEM71, SOCS4, RANBP4, RANBP6
miR-190b D U 4.03 0.0290 CDKN1B, MUC17, MYCBP2, SMAD2, TCF4, CASP2, TP53INP1
miR-29b-2* D U 4.25 0.0375 AKT3, RANBP9, PARP2, HDAC5, CDKN3, AGR2, SLC19A2, FOXN3
miR-215 D U 4.40 0.040 ZEB2#, ALCAM#, TYMS (TS) #, DHFR#, EREG, HOXB9, NOD2
miR-196b U D 0.42 0,043 HOXB8#, HOXC8#, ERG#, BACH1#, FAS, TBRG1, TOX3
  1. Legend: R – responders, NR – non-responders, D – down-regulated expression, U – up-regulated expression. # Target is experimentally validated. Putative targets were predicted using miRWalk database and miRanda algorith (21) and subsequently selected on the basis of their significance in tumor biology, particularly in the processes of cell survival and resistance to anti-cancer treatment.